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Spectrum Master Agent, Spectrum Mobile Master Agent, Spectrum Authorized Distributor,

Spectrum Mobile Authorized Distributor, Spectrum Distributor, Spectrum Mobile Distributor, Become a Spectrum Authorized Retailer, Become a Spectrum Mobile Authorized Retailer, Become a Spectrum Authorized Dealer, Become a Spectrum Dealer, Become a Spectrum Retailer, Become a Spectrum Mobile Dealer, Become a Spectrum Mobile Retailer

Why Spectrum?

  • Customizable options
    Satisfy your customers by giving them exactly the services they want.


  • No contracts or credit checks
    Spectrum doesn’t require contracts and has a 30-day money-back guarantee to make signing up easy.


  • Up to $500 contract buyout
    This attractive incentive gives customers up to $500 to help get them out of a contract with another provider.


  • Guaranteed Service Windows
    Respect your customer's time with guaranteed convenient installation.


  • No expensive equipment to buy
    Unlike satellite, there is no equipment to buy or dish to install. Plus, customers receive a free modem.


  • Quality of service
    Our upgraded, two-way digital infrastructure delivers reliable and superior service.







Get paid some amazing spiffs for selling a product to your customers that they need!

We take pride in giving the best support and service to our dealer network.

The #1 Nationwide Master Agent.  Doesnt' matter where you are, we can help.

Join our marketing program and get exposure for your store.  



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