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Make sure to be 100% compliant to avoid your commissions being held
1.  Give Spectrum/Vomtel Google Ads View Access, Facebook Ads View Access, Bing Ads View Access (We don't need editor access just need to be able to go in and view that you are compliant with all marketing guidelines.) CLICK HERE GOOGLE     CLICK HERE FB
2. Negative Keywords in place.  Click here for negative keywords CLICK HERE

3. List of landing pages (websites) used for Spectrum and make sure they are compliant (White label or use website template CLICK HERE.  
4. List of IP Address and Country of Origin used
5. Proof of call recording software (Either a previous recording of a sale or statement showing recording)
Email this to if you haven't (Make sure to add company name to the title)

Vomtel Spiff 2023 January.jpg
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